NO GST on baggage for overseas destinations
    Airline Excess Baggage
Jetta Excess Baggage
Auckland $20.00/kg $5.50/kg $2.90 - $4.70/kg
Singapore $35.00/kg $5.50/kg $2.20 - $4.30/kg*
Hong Kong $35.00/kg $7.00/kg $2.70 - $4.60/kg*
Tokyo $35.00/kg $9.50/kg $5.30 - $5.80/kg*
Dubai $55.00/kg $10.30/kg $6.80 - $7.40/kg*
Johannesburg $80.00/kg $9.50/kg $5.20 - $8.70/kg*
Frankfurt $80.00/kg $15.50/kg$5.90 - $7.80/kg*
Paris $80.00/kg $15.50/kg$5.90 - $7.80/kg*
London $80.00/kg $15.50/kg$5.90 - $7.80/kg*
Los Angeles $150/piece$17.00/kg$5.90 - $9.50/kg*
New York $175/piece$19.50/kg$6.80 - $9.80/kg*
Kuala Lumpur$35.00/kg $6.00/kg $2.80 - $4.20/kg*
Penang $35.00/kg $6.50/kg $2.95 - $4.10/kg*
Jakarta $35.00/kg $5.00/kg $2.50 - $3.20/kg*
Taipei $35.00/kg $12.00/kg$3.50 - $5.00/kg*

* Minimum 15kgs

Jetta Express service over 6,500 destinations in 240 countries worldwide.

Jetta Excess Baggage has a minimum of 15kgs, rates are current as of 15/02/2015 and do not include Security Fee of $35.00, Airline Terminal fees of $30.00 and Airline Insurance of $20.00. All rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

Airline Excess Baggage and Airline Unaccompanied Baggage rates are based on Qantas rates effective 15/09/2019.

Jetta Excess Baggage service is to arrival airport only and does not include at destination, any charges at arrival airport, airline terminal fees, quarantine fees, customs fees, duty/taxes, GST, storage or any other fees airline destination fees.

Rates are calculated per kilogram from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide - Australia.

1.5% of the Full Economy Class Adult fare per kilogram. Taken on board aircraft as EXCESS Baggage.

75% of the IATA cargo rate. Must be sent as cargo prior to departure. Must have valid ticket. Subject to space available.

Cheaper than excess or unaccompanied baggage. May be sent before or after departure. No ticket required. Guaranteed uplift. Pickup from the door.